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I have helped thousands of people obtain relief from their                  debts through Bankruptcy.  I want to help you!”

Helping Individuals

The stress of financial problems affects every part of your life.  Unfortunate events such as  divorce, job loss, medical bills and poor decisions can cause debt accumulation.  Threats of foreclosure, vehicle repossession and inability to pay minimum payments on bills usually prompt a personal to seek bankruptcy advice.  I understand the pressure your finances can cause.  Every day I work with people losing their car, home and/or other assets.  Bankruptcy can help you achieve lasting debt relief.  


National Association

of Consumer Bankruptcy Specialists 

American Board of Certification


American Bankruptcy Institute

Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education & Sepcialization

Tennessee Bar Association

Tennessee Board of Professional Conduct

Jackson-Madison County

Bar Association

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There are many bankruptcy attorneys in Jackson and West Tennessee.  While many bankruptcies are simple, the key to making your bankruptcy go smoothly is having an experienced attorney who does bankruptcy as their primary area of practice.  Knowing the difference between the simple and the complex bankruptcy makes all difference in the world.  You need to trust that you have proper representation throughout the complete bankruptcy process.


Robert B. Vandiver, Jr., is Certified as a Consumer Bankruptcy Specialist by The American Board of Certification.  This certification reflects the dedication and experience to the bankruptcy practice and is your proof that he knows bankruptcy!  An attorney must devote a significant part of their practice to bankruptcy to achieve the certification, as well as continuous education requirements and other criteria.

Every individual seeking bankruptcy information is unique.  My staff and I take the time necessary to get acquainted with you and your situation, analyze your debt and come up with a plan to overcome them.


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